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Current lab members

Former lab members

Alberto Bravo-Blas, PhD

ARUK funded Postdoctoral Research Associate

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My project focuses on a functional characterisation of the correlation between ankylosing spondylitis (AS) and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), by analysing the immune cell populations from the bloodstream of patients with AS.

Liz McDonald, PhD

Postdoctoral Research associate

I am investigating the different genes/proteins involved in psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Long term, I aim to discover a scientific measurement/test to stratify patients according to how they will respond to each possible treatment.

Charlie Scott, PhD

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Food allergies and inflammatory bowel diseases result from an abnormality in the way the immune system reacts to harmless materials in our gut such as foods and friendly bacteria. The liver drains all the blood coming from the intestine and has long been thought to be important in controlling immune responses to these materials. However, how this works is still unknown. My project aims to study the role of ​Kupffer cells, the most abundant immune cell in the liver, in this process.

Hussain Jaffery

MRC funded Research assistant

Project: Exploring the role of T cells, dendritic cells, macrophages and particularly stromal cells in physiologically distinct mesenteric environments, in health and inflammation

Verena Kästele

RACE funded PhD student

Slater Clay

MRC funded PhD student

I am investigating how regulatory T cells (Tregs) modulate the effector T cell response during inflammation and in the steady state. Specifically I am interested in the dynamic expression of master transcription factors by Tregs during and after infection with intestinal pathogens.

Kym Bain

MRS-AARUK funded PhD student

My PhD project involves analysing samples from patients with alopecia areata. We are analysing the immunophenotype of patients and comparing them with healthy controls to identify changes in immune cell populations that characterise the disease and its link with intestinal inflammation.

Anna Andrusaite

MVLS DTP PhD student

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Hannah Wessel, PhD (PhD student)

Lizzie Mann, PhD (postdoctoral research associate)

Johannes U Mayer (PhD student)

Currently based in New Zealand

Stephanie Houston, PhD (PhD student, research assistant)

Lotta Utriainen, PhD (PhD student, Research assistant)

Pamela Wright, PhD (PhD student, Research associate)

Vuk Cerovic, PhD, (Research associate)

Dawn Firmin, PhD (Research associate)

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